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If Microsoft Designed The iPod Packaging

iPods are part of our digital lifestyles and I have owned one ever since they first came out! Actually, I had mine one day before they came out since I was able to convince my local Apple store to release my prepaid item before the market date. Since then, I never looked back to the CD as a precious piece of material associated with music. Right after getting home with my new iPod, I promptly encoded all 300+ of my CDs onto my Quicksilver G4, looted Amazon for images, and tagged every album with image art. After that, all my CDs turned into gifts for my friends and as I have upgraded from computer to computer, that 20 gigabytes of music just follows me around every where I go.

Since I used to do package design, I found this little parity of Microsoft's attempt to correctly design the iPod packaging hilarious. Every time I watch it I think of all those years I've laughed at large agencies and their inability to think as cleanly as Apple has prooved both technology and the design of it's presentation can work. Enjoy, and watch this video please note, that I am not the author.