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Autotest Playlist For Red/Green Feedback

Here is how to get a playlist of sounds that will be hooked to both your autotest :red and :green callbacks. Basically this gives you a folder of sounds that are played one after another, in a loop, as your tests pass or fail. See this move below for a quick example.

Step 1: Install QTPlay from MacPorts

$ sudo port install qtplay

Step 2: Download My Autotest Playlist Files

$ cd ~
$ curl -O
$ tar -xf autotest_playlist.tar
$ mv autotest_playlist .autotest_playlist && rm autotest_playlist.tar

Step 3: Modify Your .autotest File

User your favorite editor to open your ~/.autotest file. And add this code below to it. Now you should be setup to have your own playlist of sounds that play using the qtplay binary installed above. If you want to play around with the sounds, then open ~/.autotest_playlist/sounds and start swapping out sounds. By the way, I made the :initialize and :quit sounds using the new Alex voice in Leopard. I hijacked some text to speech and then ran an audio tool called WavePad to speed change, flange, and chorus the voice a little bit.

require '~/.autotest_playlist/playlist'


The idea for this came from FoxWorks. Shouts out "Thank You".