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Learning Objective-C & iPhone Development

What have I been up too lately? Well primary working my butt off in my day job and after that, I just finished a week of vacation. As an aside, I need to disconnect more often, my vacation was very relaxing. But what's more relaxing that doing things in the fresh outdoors? Well learning another programming language of course.

That is why this week I have seriously started learning Objective-C and iPhone application development. In fact I just got my approval today from Apple that I am a registered developer, see that pretty icon in the right column? So do you want to do the same? Below is a list of resources that I have found helpful to me. Let me explain something first, I am very tangential in my learning methods. Basically that means I take frequent breaks from my main course to learn deep details. For instance my main course is the iPhone SDK Development book. But I have found it very helpful to break early on and watch the Becoming Productive In Xcode videos. Knowing keyboard bindings and customizing my, dare I say it... IDE, just helps me get business done! Stay tuned for some updates.