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Git Init XCode Projects

Here is a little ZSH function I have been using for quickly setting up new XCode apps I call tire kickers, little play and learn apps. Being able to track your learning as you go with git.

if [[ -x `which git` ]]; then

    function ginit_xcode () {
      git init
      echo "\n\n# XCode\nbuild\n*.mode1v3\n*.mode2v3\n*.nib\n*.swp\n\
*.pbxuser\n*.perspective\n*.perspectivev3\n\n# OSX\n.DS_Store\n\n\
# TextMate\n*.tm_build_errors\n\n\n" >> .gitignore
      git add .gitignore
      git commit -m "Ignore Xcode stuff."
      git add .
      git commit -m "Initial Xcode project."


The echo lines puts out a .gitignore file that will look something like this.

# XCode


# TextMate