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Custom Webrat::Session formatted_error For Rails With Nokogiri

I never liked how Webrat shows the complete response body for exceptions when integration testing rails applications. For the longest time I redefined the formatted_error method to simple do nothing. Today I used Nokogiri to parse out the good bits from that page. Here is the result. Not pretty, but it's working fine so far. Got a better example? Please share!

module Webrat
  class Session
    def formatted_error
      doc = Nokogiri::HTML(response_body)
      exception_name = doc.css('head title').inner_html.squish
      exception_msg = doc.css('body h1').inner_html.squish
      exception_detail1 = "".tap do |detail|
        d = doc.css('body p')[0]
        detail << d.content.strip
        detail << d.next_sibling.content.squish
      exception_detail2 = "".tap do |detail|
        d = doc.css('body p')[1]
        detail << d.content.strip
        detail << d.next_sibling.css('code').first.content.strip
      app_trace = doc.css('#Application-Trace pre code').inner_html
      [exception_name, exception_msg, exception_detail1, exception_detail2, app_trace].join("\n")
      "Could not format page exception. Perhaps try to use Nokogiri on this: \n#{response_body}"